Situated near Huddersfield, Halifax, Brighouse, Bradford, Leeds and Dewsbury

Little Bears
(4-7 years)

Fun classes catered for children aged 4 – 7 years.

Improve Fitness, Speed, Reflexes, Agility, Focus, Discipline, Confidence and Determination. 

Goju Karate Class
(8+ years)

Mixed classes for older children, teens & adults. Focusing on muscle development, flexibility, confidence and more.

Welcome to our site devoted to martial arts training and martial arts training at its very best. With martial arts training in our schools you will not only feel fitter but you will feel safer.

We offer a wide ranges of lessons for all lessons and all abilities. Our lessons start from 4 years old in our Little Bears lessons aimed to give your child a safe martial arts work out and also a healthy mind work out too.

Anyone aged from 8 years old will be welcome to join our Bears lessons. Our Bears classes not only teach powerful life lessons that include Respect, Courtesy, Discipline and honesty but give them a great skill for life.  Each lesson is designed to push you to a new level of fitness and teach you everything you need to become a black belt.


Now it's your chance to get into the best shape of your life with our martial arts training. You will be filled with a whole new energy and motivation to achieve your goals; a whole new level of strength, health and confidence.

You will be amazed at how our schools are helping people just like you to change their lives for the better all over Yorkshire.

We are inviting you to step up to the challenge and gain the fulfilment that will be yours with our martial arts training - It's all here waiting for you NOW.

To demonstrate how absolutely convinced we are that our martial arts training is exactly what you are looking for, we are offering you a FREE Trial Membership. No Risk - No Pressure and No Cost. All you need to do is fill in the free trial form, we will arrange a time which suits you to attend and that's it.