School Events

Grading Dates

White Belt to Red Belt

Sunday 15th May 2022

Saturday 28th May 2022 (Alt)

Sunday 17th July 2022

Saturday 23rd July 2022 (Alt)

Saturday 17th September 2022

Sunday 25th September 2022 (Alt)

Saturday 5th November 2022

Saturday 19th November 2022 (Alt)

Brown Stripe and Above

Sunday 2nd October 2022

Instructor Team Training Camp

Friday 24th - Sunday 26th June 2022

Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd October 2022

Seniors Training
(Red Belts and Above)

Saturday 14th May 2022   11.30am til 1.30pm

Saturday 18th June 2022   11.30am til 1.30pm

Sunday 17th July 2022   2.30pm til 4.30pm

Saturday 6th August 2022   11.30am til 1.30pm

Saturday 17th September 2022   11.30am til 1.30pm

Saturday 29th October 2022  11.30am til 1.30pm

Saturday 19th November 2022   11.30am til 1.30pm

Saturday 10th December 2022   11.30am til 1.30pm

Weapons Training

Sunday 3rd July 2022   1pm til 4pm (Jo/ Nunchaku)

Sunday 6th November 2022   1pm til 4pm (Kama/Tonfa)

Events at HQ

Charity Kickathon                 Sunday 8th May 2022          12 noon til 2pm

School Photoshoot               Sunday 22nd May til Monday 23rd May 2022

Movie Night                          Sunday 29th May 2022          4pm til 7pm

Instructor Discovery Day      Saturday 18th June 2022       2pm til 4pm

Movie Night                          Sunday 16th October 2022    4pm til 7pm

Halloween Party                 Saturday 29th October 2022     4pm til 7pm

Xmas Sale Weekend           Saturday 19th November til Sunday 20th November 2022

Movie Night                          Sunday 27th November 2022    4pm til 7pm

Instructor Discovery Day      Saturday 3rd December 2022     11.30am til 1.30pm

Movie Night                          Sunday 11th December 2022    4pm til 7pm

Christmas Party                    Wednesday 21st December 2022   4pm til 9pm

External Events

Karate Camp                           Friday 26th August to Friday 2nd September 2022